The San José Fair Elections Initiative will clean up local elections so our government works for us, not wealthy special interests.

Democracy is built on the idea that we all have an equal voice in our government.

Yet today, wealthy corporate interests have tilted our elections in their favor, giving disproportionate influence to special interest groups through campaign contributions and low-turnout elections.

The Fair Elections Initiative is a citizen-led ballot measure that will increase voter participation and end "pay to play" politics. It will ensure our elected leaders are responsive to all the people of San José — no matter whether you’re white, black, brown, or Asian — not special interests that write fat checks.

Kick “pay to play” politics out of City Hall.

Right not, too many voters believe their voices aren't heard because campaign contributions from special interests sway the votes of City lawmakers, not the needs and desires of residents.

The Fair Elections Initiative will reduce the corrupting influence of money in politics by stopping corporate landlords, developers, contractors, and their lobbyists who are trying to get something from the City from cutting big checks to candidates for Mayor and City Council.

Give more people a say in selecting our Mayor.

While special interests hold extra sway, the City chose to put mayoral elections in off-years when few voters are paying attention and the electorate doesn’t reflect our city.

Studies have shown that in California cities where the Mayor is on the same ballot as the president, voter turnout is more than double that of cities where mayoral elections are conducted off cycle. Yet when community leaders tried to increase voter participation by moving the City’s mayoral election to presidential years, corporate special interests mobilized to push Mayor Sam Liccardo and some City Councilmembers to block the change.

The Fair Elections Initiative will move the mayoral election to presidential years, when more people — especially young voters, women, and people of color — cast a ballot.