Democracy for all of us, not just special interests.

The San José Fair Elections Initiative will clean up local elections so our government works for all of us.

Democracy works best when it reflects all our voices, no matter what we look like or what's in our wallets.

But today, wealthy corporate interests have tilted our elections in their favor, giving disproportionate influence to large developers, landlords, city contractors, and their lobbyists.

These special interests can write big campaign checks to candidates for Mayor and City Council in order to affect their decisions. And while corporations get extra sway, the City chose to put mayoral elections in off-years when few voters are paying attention and the electorate doesn’t reflect our city.

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The Fair Elections Initiative will enact common sense reforms to get corrupting money out of our elections, and bring more people in to make their voices heard:

Stop “pay to play” politics

The Fair Elections Initiative will kick “pay to play” politics out of City Hall by banning corrupting campaign contributions from big developers, landlords, corporations that want city contracts, and their lobbyists.

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Give more people a say in choosing our mayor

The Initiative will mean more people have a say in selecting our Mayor by moving the mayoral election to presidential years, when more people — especially young voters, women, and people of color — cast a ballot.

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